Softnet Media Advertising Platform

We represent a self - service advertising platform that deals with complicated programmatic technical issues in order to make them smooth, transparent, and efficient for users. Bonadza is considered as the easiest way for performing outstanding display campaign due to effective control and real clarity.


You will be able to get access to thousands millions of impressions received from numerous audiences and sources by means of Real-Time bidding (RTB). Using our platform you will have an opportunity to get and make a control of vast audience basing on impression by impression principle of precise targeting. It will enable to make an increase of investment return as well as gain your goals in advertising in a cost efficient manner.


You will get access to secured reserve of hundreds esteemed publishers through our exclusive marketplace. It is possible to get highly desirable and responsive impressions, namely first-look ones with regard to chosen publisher and terms. The all you need to start using our exclusive marketplace is click on a inventory that is available only at TOP 200 web properties of ComScore rank and Alexa.



We are top for arranging prosperous online


Get exclusove content


Customized and quality rich media


Passbacks for Native Networks

Existing native Networks are available for working with them. You just need to set up a floor price, otherwise it will be transferred to your partners. Our smart widgets will help to get your target audience with the high paying ads due to its lightweight qualities. You will receive top dollar ones for sure.

Great features

You will have the ads on your website of high quality and on-top ones due to Decibel invite features. It is a really great solution for successful ads campaigns implementation that leads to high conversions and click through rates.

Customized Analytics

From now there is no need to worry about your websites campaigns performance. Comprehensive tracking is enabled by publisher dashboard. It is our platform that will help you to avoid hustles and bustles of advertising campaigns management.

Demand-Side Platform

In order to gain maximum performance you have a nice opportunity to use our unique OpenRTB platform that accumulate demand of requested brands and main DSPs.


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